>From: Earl Hildebrandt
>Whoops! My mistake. Okay, let's see if I can straighten this out: as far
>as I
>know, "Circle of Darkness" doesn't actually have anything to do with
>It simply provides a rough chronological tie(due to the RL release date) to
>our favorite campaign world's timestream. The relevant material concerning
>Gregor Zolnik and Vorostokov actually appears in the Ravenloft products
>"Domains of Dread", "Darklords" and "Dark of the Moon"(which, by the way,
>written by our man Rich Baker). There's also a Birthright-style writeup of
>Vorostokov in the Birthright Netbook, over at

Let me redirect: Is Gregor Zolnik a Vos character? Is Vorostokov a former
part of Vosgaard? Even if it is Ravenloft product, and not Birthright, I'm
going to look into this information because of the link. I just want to be
sure before I spend the $$ :)

Will check the link out too.
Grimwell, wizard of Cerilia
The Birthright Revival is NOW! :)
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