Hmmm... I guess I was only slightly incorrect. By your description, I took
your placement of old masetia to be to the west of Mieres vs. south of
mieres, which is where it is place on the map. My misunderstanding.


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Memnoch wrote:
> Very interesting work. There is one slight problem, however. The Old
> Masetia does not reside (semi-officially) in the area in which you
> On Darkstar's Netbook page is a semi-offical sketch of aduria that
> the locations of the previous 5 tribes. The area you describe was
> originally possessed by the Brecht, I believe. I don't have the URL
> but I'm sure you can find it. The Masetian area is more to the very south
> of where Mieres is right now, along the Aebrynis equator. The Masetians
> originally sailed directly north to cerilia vs. going around the Mieres
> penninsula. In order to make this accurate according to the map, all you
> would have to do is alter the location of old Masetia a bit.

If you mean the line map drawn at Gen Con 1998 of Aduria on the
Empires of Blood site, then that map only shows the location of
the Rjurik and Brecht homelands. It does label Old Masetia, but
the area I described is part of that pennisula.
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