Perhaps unblooded regents - for those that intend to use them in BR, or in a
non-BR setting where Bloodline is not used could use the Charisma attribute in
place of blood points for the purposes of RP gain?


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>From: Herald Williams
>Something brought up by a friend of mine got me to thinking that Charisma
>reasonably should have some effect on RP. I gave it some thought and came
>up with an approach that allows characters to gain or lose RP collected (not
>bloodline strength!) based on Charisma.
>My approach is as follows:
>For each point of Charisma below 9, the regent loses 1 RP from the amount
>collected from his/her domain. However, the regent always collects at least
>half of his bloodline, rounded up.
>For each point of Charisma above 12, the regent can treat his bloodline as
>if it were 1 higher for purposes of determining the RP generated. This does
>not allow a regent to gain more RP than his/her domain generates.
>A regent with a bloodline of 23, domain strength of 32, and Charisma of 5
>would collect 19 RP, rather than 23.
>The same regent with a Charisma of 18 would collect 29 RP.
>A regent with a bloodline of 5, domain strength of 9, and Charisma of 3
>would collect 3 RP (at least half of bloodline strength).
>The same regent with a Charisma of 17 would collect 9 (not 10, as the domain
>does not generate that much regency).
>I feel that this change is small enough to prevent significant abuse, though
>you can lessen its effect even more by having it affect 1 RP for every 2
>points over 12 or below 9.
>This approach gives Charisma a very tangible benefit in the game. In
>Birthright it explains how a charismatic unblooded individual can rule a
>domain. Outside of Birthright it provides a base bloodline strength for
>newly-ennobled (is that a word???) characters. I would give existing rulers
>a bloodline strength based on their overall influence in the game world.
> Herald
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