Subject: Re: 3 Edition and Dragon
Topic: Dragon
Author: thedragon
Date: 08/20/99 09:05:48

> 3. 3rd Edition is boasting that it's only "core rule" changes,
> and not necessarrily setting based. While Dragon be supporting
> these settings with 3rd Edition Material.

Yes, we'll continue to support the inactive settings, though not in every issue.
We'll be looking for Ravenloft (or Dark Sun, or Mystara, or Birthright, etc.)
articles that are also useful to the "average" core rules player who doesn't
have those settings. Thus, a Birthright article that requires you have the
BR campaign setting to understand it would be a no-go; one that works for
everyone but which is especially cool for BR players (who know more about
the setting) could be a winner.
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