I think that there would be more than a handful of "high-level" priests in
Cerilia and by high level I mean in the 9-13 range. After all priests are
far more common than wizards in Cerilia and the whole setting is very
religion orientated (ie all the human cultures have one or two patron
deities). However, I do not think that this means Raise Dead (and similar
high level spells) get cast on a daily basis - I do indeed think such
castings are very rare - not because of lack of priests of the appropriate
level but because I think most priests would only cast something like Raise
Dead in the absolute rarest of circumstances - on a totally devout follower
who died in service of the church and was still needed to finish some great
work, for example. In fact the only religion that I can think of that would
cast on a purely donation basis would be Eloele - and her priests can't cast
it anyway!

Anyway, just my 2 cents...

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>I just looked it up, actually, and only priests of Nasri, Sarma, Rilni, and
>Kreisha have access to the major necromantic sphere, so resurrection is
>highly limited, even without the bloodline problem. (I have a
>Khinasi-centric POV, so pardon the Khinasi-isms.) :)
>I think most churches of Nasri and Kreisha would be philosophically opposed
>to resurrection, and Sarma churches would charge a king's ransom, if you
>pardon the expression. That leaves Rilni's as the only priesthood that
>might actually cast the spell, and then only to wealthy and/or powerful,
>unblooded worshippers of the god. And how many 9th level priests of Rilni
>are there in Cerilia? No more than 5, if that, I'd imagine.
>That means "raise dead" has probably been cast no more than a handful of
>times in the 2000-year history of the campaign world. Interesting.
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