>> If you accept that there are perhaps five score half elves in Anuire
>(which is how I run it IMC) then on the surface the number of half-elven
>>regents seems
>> enormous. However, when you consider that said half elves live about twice
>> as
>> long as humans then it starts to make a bit more sense. If you devoted two
>> hundred-
>> odd years to getting ahead in life then you could probably achieve
>> special.
What if there is a reason there are so many half-elves in power besides the
easy excuses of their long life and abilities? Maybe the elven communities
have in desparate measures decided to put half-elven plants in all the
major power structures for when the time comes for them to make their move.
Maybe the elves are deliberatly breeding humans of power etc. Maybe the
elves saw how well the elf-human relationship with Michael Roeles
Chamberlain helped Tuariheval and have begun a hidden agenda. Think of all
the twists to this....why are they doing this, is it just power or is there
a mystical reason? Does the whole extent of elven survival rely on this?
Are they trying to induce elven blood into humans to reduce the damaging
effects of humans upon Cerilia. Maybe the humans of Cerilia originally
were not of this world but wer brought here by the old gods and the humans
mere prescence damages Cerilia. Have the elves been playing at power games
all along or are they really hidden in their forest kingdoms? I know this
is far fetched. Been watching tooooo many conspiracy movies lately.

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