>> ... Most blooded elves may see themselves as cursed rather than
>> by their hereditary gift and may hide it from others.
>But then, that still leaves those same "cursed" blooded elves the only elves
>capable of becoming regents...the "pure" elves, not tainted by the essence
>of the filthy human gods, are incapable of leading their people, or bonding
>with the land?

Yep, my argument has a nice big flaw in it -I did only say most, not all.
Perhaps (for the sake of regency situations), it is seen as a necessary evil
(in the same way that we have politicians ruling over us ;~).
I don't have my books with me at the moment, but I think the Book of
Priestcraft details the "land's choice", which facilitates the Elfin
investiture. Some early religions had a god & goddess being the earth and the
moon that are respected rather than worshipped. I've not read it, but the
novel "Greatheart" refers to a Lord & Lady that the Elves revere. If you wish
the elves blood to be separate from the human's deities, perhaps the derivation
could be simply 'the Land'. If every elf is to be blooded, I'd suggest a
bloodstrength of 0 - no blood abilities, no bonus for bloodtheft, but the
potential is there for them to advance. If they are chosen by the land to
become a regent, then roll or choose blood points that 'the land' allocates for
[I hear the sound of a can of worms being opened]

Personally, I take the view that Elves & Dwarfs are literally children of
'the land' - a view that was strengthened after reading the PS of Baruk Azhik
(sp?) Moradin (and perhaps the Lord & Lady from Greatheart) are
personifications of the land. Both races live in harmony with the land, both
above & below. The dwarves for some reason needed belief and so prayed to
Moradin and the pantheon he created, the elves just accepted their place in the
great scheme of things.
IMC the elves are so tied to the land that in the same way that 'developing'
a province decreases it's source potential, it also decreases the health of
elves living there. At some stage soon, a seer will briefly enter the campaign
with the message; "When the last tree falls, the last elf dies, the flow of
Mebhaighl and Cerelia becomes a shadow world"

...that reminds me, I've got to finish the details for tomorrow's game..

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