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    John Sweeney

    Elf Blood - was More questions

    > I'm all for systems that fill in the gaps, but this seems to be open for
    > lot of abuse. I can forsee Human scions going on a bloodtheft rampage,
    > elf & dwarf woman & children en masse even if it's only one point each,
    > many 0-level characters could your PC eliminate.
    That's a very good point. I still think the idea has potential, but this is
    definitely a factor that I will have to address when I really get crunching
    on this project.

    > I actually play it that the elves (except Rhoubhe and friends) were
    > supporting the Humans against the goblins and Azrai. Any bloodline they
    > recieved was determined by their location on the field, and not alliegance
    > any god. Most blooded elves may see themselves as cursed rather than
    > by their hereditry gift and may hide it from others.

    But then, that still leaves those same "cursed" blooded elves the only elves
    capable of becoming regents...the "pure" elves, not tainted by the essence
    of the filthy human gods, are incapable of leading their people, or bonding
    with the land?

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    Adam Theo

    Elf Blood - was More questions


    Hello, John, Adam Theo here; (1:35:12 AM, Friday, August 20, 1999)
    Reply to John Sweeney's ( "[BIRTHRIGHT] - Elf Blood - was More questions from a BR newbie", on 8/20/1999

    well, as i see it, there is this, IMC:

    the blooded elves are blooded just as the humans are: by their
    ancestors (or themselves if old enough) were closest to that god at
    Deismaar. doesn't mean they worshiped them at all. it just means they
    were closer to that god than any of the other gods when they all
    sacrificed themselves.

    to be blooded or not blooded has nothing to do with being a priest.
    you don't have to be blooded to be a priest (unlike human wizards).
    the reason most elves (if not all) don't become priests is because
    they do not worship gods. they don't see the point. it is not a part
    of their culture to 'worship' anything as humans do. they respect
    nature, but do not pray to it, make sacrifices to it, or fear it's
    wrath. they consider themselves caretakers or (approximate) equals to
    nature, and don't fear the human gods, considering them nothing more
    than enhanced mortals (or something like that).

    that's my opinion, anyway.

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    Tim Nutting

    Elf Blood - was More questions

    I disagree with this. Divine energies, in AD&D, flow by belief and strength
    of belief. Persona, attitude and action fill in when belief lacks. While I
    realize that Planescape is not Birthright, I prefer a more seamless whole of
    the campaign worlds. When a being dies, its soul goes to the plane most
    fitting to its beliefs (read alignment). Alignment and action would have
    determined what power level was bestowed, and upon whom it fell.

    I also think that most elves with the blood power will revel in it. They
    are more alive than the rest of their brethren, having an even deeper
    connection with the life force of Cerilia than they otherwise might. It is
    clear that those with blood gain more power from the land, and so these
    people are respected, to a degree.

    Just my 2gb


    Tim Nutting
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