>> *4th Caliedhe Dosier is a duel class NPC.
>That is how it is allowed. He was a fighter first then became a diviner next,
this sort of thing is allowed if you have the ability scores.
>I think you misunderstood my question. According the the BR rulebook, "True
>mages (and regent mages) function under the same rules and restrictions
>detailed in the Player's Handbook. They may choose to be mages or specialist
>wizards of any school *except illusion and divination*" [emphasis mine](pg
>12). Similarly, under the class heading for "Magician", it states,
>"Magicians are automatically considered to be specialists in the schools of
>illusion and divination,..." (pg 13). Therefore, I ask again, how can
>Caliedhe Dosiere be a diviner? Is he a magician with no access to realm
>magic or 3rd level magic other than divination/illusion, or is he an
>exception to the rule?
In the main boxed set alone, there are (I think) five glaring departures from
the rules and several more in the other source books. They can be looked at as
either exceptions put in to keep the PC's on their toes, or that each character
description is simply the summation of rumour, and as such is prone to error.
The GM can then decide what (rules-compliant) version they would like or just
leave it as an exception to the rules.
>The point I was trying to make is Humans would not accept a 1/2 elf leader.
>They would rebel against the "changeling", and exile the poor deposed regent
>back to his "faerie kin" (if they even let him/her live).
Two points, firstly some countries are fairly multi-racial in population, and
while a 'half-breed' may not be liked, a human, dwarf or elf would be despised
in such a position of power. Secondly, the smaller the minority, the harder it
is to achieve anything. Getting the little things takes so much additional
effort that the extraordinary seems not that much harder.
>And again, has this stuff already been discussed before?
yes, much of it has more than once, but fresh discussion gives different
answers as people who have used the suggestions from the previous time around
can now give reviews/ opinions from another angle.

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