>The basics of the system as I'm envisioning it:
>ALL elves are blooded. Their "Blood Abilities" will cover elven racial
>abilities, with a few extras, to even them up with the human scions. Elves
>did not inherit the human bloodlines because, as they have never worshipped,
>prayed to, or otherwise been connected to the gods, the god-energy washed
>right over them like water off a duck's back during the cataclysm at
>Deismaar. The exception is Rhuobe, who remained dedicated and faithful to
>Azrai, and was rewarded with the bloodline of that god (it replaces his
>elven blood-heritage) True elven "scions" will always have a blood rating
>higher than "tainted" (the standard elf) Since the fall of Elven power, VERY
>few True-blooded elves remain, which is another reason for many elves'
>hatred of humans.
>Dwarves also have a bloodline which pre-dates Deismaar. Like elves, all
>dwarves are blooded,...

I'm all for systems that fill in the gaps, but this seems to be open for a
lot of abuse. I can forsee Human scions going on a bloodtheft rampage, killing
elf & dwarf woman & children en masse even if it's only one point each, how
many 0-level characters could your PC eliminate.

I actually play it that the elves (except Rhoubhe and friends) were
supporting the Humans against the goblins and Azrai. Any bloodline they
recieved was determined by their location on the field, and not alliegance to
any god. Most blooded elves may see themselves as cursed rather than blessed
by their hereditry gift and may hide it from others.
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