What is currently happening in your Birthright games. I'm looking for a few
plots and/or subplots to use in an upcoming Birthright game, and would
prefer a few additional tangents to what I have now... which is not a lot.

So far, I have some sort of plot in which the Gorgon, Serpent, Raven and
Magian (perhaps different Awnsheghlien, but some powerful ones from across
Cerillia), each thinking they're using the others are in search of
something. Perhaps it is pieces of something or maybe they had a dream that
convinced them it was Azrai speaking to them. Unfortunately for the rest of
the world, they're fully intent upon seizing this artifact/relic/powerful
item. The PC's learn of a plot, and uncover that it is only a minor part.
Gradually they learn that one of the major players ie, Gorgon, Serpent etc..
is in fact behind all of this. Further investigation will reveal something
is being searched for in their lands, and perhaps the activities of other

I'd like side plots that the PC's can be involved in initially, even a
semi-large adventure of sorts to bring them from low to mid levels and lead
them into the adventure, with a lot of foreshadowing. If I know what the
eventual adventure is, and am running something that will eventually lead
right into it, I can plant hooks a-plenty and establish characters for the
upcoming adventure.

Two of my five players (that are regulars, we'll likely have a couple drop
in now and then) have played a single previous Birthright adventure in which
we experimented with the setting, domain actions etc.., and like me,
thoroughly enjoyed it. We regularly play most of the settings, like FR,
Planescape, DarkSun, Ravenloft and settings of our own creation (one of the
players is also a DM, an awesome luxury for both of us). Anyway, like
everyone else who's played Birthright, I think they'll enjoy it, but I'd
like to have a good adventure ready, if it is their first taste of the
setting, and the best birthright related material I've found anywhere has
been from this list...

Thanx in advance for any of your input.


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