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on thing that gets me from the Atlas is how it is said that when
azrai came to cerilia, he first went to the goblins and humanoids,
because they had often believed in a being of such powers. and second,
it also says that the reason the elves were pushed back into their
forests by the humans was because of priestly magic, which the elves
had never encountered before.

both of these lead me to believe that pre-diesmaaar, at least, the
goblins and other humanoids didn't have priestly magic from their gods
(if they had any at the time).

perhaps the goblins, gnolls, and ogres worshipped spirits of some
sort (from the shadow world, other dimensions, or nature), and these
mini-powers gave power other than priestly spells. such as teaching
the goblins magic (magicians, or perhaps somehow giving a few goblins
a tainted bloodline somehow so they could be wizards), or casting
wizard spells on the goblin's behalf in return for sacrifices or
rituals (perform this ceremony for me to cast a 'ice storm' at your

now, perhaps at deismaar, the two humans belenik and kriesha weren't
the only mortals to ascend to god-hood. after all, azrai had the power
of 6+ major gods. so maybe his #1 goblin champion ascended to godhood,
taking the name Karthanok (or whatever it is), as his #1 gnoll, orog,
and other humanoid champions closest to the blast ascended and became
gods to their races, too. now, these gods probably don't have anywhere
near the power of the new human gods. probably can only grant spells
up to 5th level or something, and limited realm spells.

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