I too make the goblins better than easy xp points.
IMC, the Warlock of the Stonecrown Mtns rules the 5 Peaks.
He commands many orog tribes. His "ally", the Eyeless One,
commands the goblinoid tribes. They cooperate only because
the domains around them grow stronger, and if they squabble, they
will die. I had the Warlock create a "portal" to east, that opened
in Kinsani lands. They raid and retreat through the portal back to
the 5 Peaks with their treasures. Only now, guilders see this portal
as an excellent way for a quick way to the east to trade, and are
planning a way to invade and take it for themselves. So, in a way,
the Goblins, are going to be in the hurt in the long run anyways.


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