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From: Olesens
Date: Thursday, August 12, 1999 2:46 AM
>It was my opinion that the Book of Regency and the "Book of Guildcraft" are
>same. It seems that you couldn't make an entire book on Guilds [...]

I could certainly imagine a book of Guildcraft. BR introduced the subclass
"Guilder", so I certainly think that there is more to talk about in this
area. In same way that the Complete Book of Thieves dealt with guilds and
organization and culture, so should the Book of Guildcraft deal with how
guilds actually excercise control over so many enterprises. List and
describe some of these enterprises. How is Robert the Cooper in Serimset
connected to Bannier Andien (or more generally what are the ways he could be
connected). Does he buy a licence from the Cooper's Guild, which is
controlled by Andien? Does he pay Andien a cut, or the thugs show up and
bust the place up? Does a semi-government official collect the merchant's
tax which ends up in Andien's hands? Does Robert the Cooper sell to a
factor who is himself an employee of Andien, and the factor buys at a fixed
price and sells to the highest buyer?

Relations between Guilds and Guilders and other segments of society would be
a fascinating section.

I can certainly see the appeal of a Book of Guildcraft.

Kenneth Gauck

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