>From: The Wizard
I wish I didn't delete the status message that was put up yesterday (?). The
page is under construction. Plus the server is being worked on. Sindre said
it's going to be there/not there for a week maybe and then might get stable
and be presentable. I'm going on low sleep and memory so this might be a tad
bit off.

>I have been unable to access the page for the past three days. Today I also
>received a FORBIDDEN PAGE message, byt previously it was simply not
>Anyone know the scoop?
>At 02:58 PM 99-08-11 , Sean wrote:
> >I asked this before, and never really got a response (at least the I
> >remember :) ) Anyone know what happened to the www.birthright.net page?
> >Whenever I go there, I get a FORBIDDEN message, or a can't find that page
> >message...what's up?