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>Subject: Re: [BIRTHRIGHT] - So what now??
>Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 14:46:53 +0200
>At 05:43 10.08.99 , you wrote:
> >I think a Birthright Bestiary is a damn good idea - we can simply host it
> >the Birthright.net server (assuming there is enough room - how much is
> >by the way?). If people are interested in this, I would be more than
> >to organise it (ie. get all the submissions and put together HTML
> >for them and then simply send it off to whoever is creating the Webpage
> >Birthright.net).
> >
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> >Peter "I'm going to get Seneschal 2.0 finished one of these days, I
> >Hodge
> >
> >E-mail: dragon@uq.net.au
> >Website: www.uq.net.au\~zzphodge
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> >Date: Tuesday, 10 August 1999 1:29
> >Subject: Re: [BIRTHRIGHT] - So what now??
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> >>Grimwell, Cerilian wrote:
> >>> Everyone: What do we want to develop? Perhaps if we got organized as a
> >group
> >>> and developed something on our own (by parceling out the tasks to
> >>> volunteers) we could continue things. Cerilia cannot die in our
> >or
> >>> it'll never live in production again. It'll get forgotten and left
> >behind.
> >>> That's a bad thing. ;)
> >>>
> >>
> >>Well, a friend and I trying to get a Birthright MUX going (your an
> >adventurer
> >>in Roesone), but I don't think everyone can get involved in that
> >if
> >>you want to, please e-mail me, and we're currently looking for shell
> >space).
> >>Personally I would like to see the Birthright netbook be able to be
> >downloaded
> >>by catagory (one document for spells, one for monsters, one for realm
> >spells,
> >>etc.) But as for something everybody can work on might be a detailing of
> >each
> >>of the kingdoms of Cerillia like TSR did, but without the screens and
> >>just some nice maps and descriptions.
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> >>Nicholas Morrell - cricknar@ix.netcom.com
> >>Narek (ICQ# - 6560590)
> >>http://pw1.netcom.com/~cricknar/dragon.html - Website
>This is my answer to all the birthright.net questions...
>If I finally can get my hands on a tiny harddisk jumper I beleive me and my
>friend Niklas (the one hosting br.net) can finally set up the new disk I've
>got which means 1GB of webspace. So there is no real problem with the size,
>the largest problem is actually people DL this through modemlines...
>About the troubles with contacting the site...I will get exact details
>tonight, but the company where Niklas works and where the server is
>physicly situated has tried to upgrade their old 64Kbit line to a lot
>faster ASDL line. Because of several weeks with problems with getting the
>line up and running properly, they have decided to get a digital 2Mbit line
>instead...what does this mean for us....well it is the explanation for why
>some of you have not been able to reach the site recently...and it is a
>warning that I don't know exactly how reliable the line will be in the near
>future (I will know more when I've talked with Niklas tonight).
>About the webpage it is getting there, but there is still some work to be
>done...Hopefully it will be completed this week...but this just hopes from
>me yet...
>About the netbook I beleive I can say for darkstar that: the netbook is
>dead, long live the netbook... :) Actually this means darkstar doesn't have
>time any longer to update the netbook, and as such it dies, but all the
>information and new people to keep adding to that will come up at
>birthright.net (I've always thought of it as a sort of glorified netbook...
>About a bestiary...I think that is simply BR monsters right ?? Because in
>that case the few monsters that was in darkstar's netbook will be moved to
>br.net, and there is a section called monsters (which of course could and
>maybe should be renamed to bestiary) there too...
>Since it seems space is no problem I beleive a list of zip files that has
>each section in it downloadable shouldn't be any large problem, though I'd
>love a script that made them automaticly every time someone updated
>something... anyone ??
>Every fan written PS (or DM's secret) we can get our hands on and be
>allowed to publish will be at birthright.net when we get things rolling...
>To you Peter...If you could finish Seneschal 2.0 I would be very happy too
>To those of you that have something you want to submit please hold onto it
>until we got the page ready, since we need to incorporate everything from
>Darkstars homepage first and then start with the extra stuff... we really
>want it just not this week :)
>That I hope should answer most questions
>I am sorry I haven't answered before, but mail problems and that I attended
>a LARP this weekend has slowed things down a bit......
>Sindre, coordinator for birthright.net

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