I snipped the couple of posts about the potential merger of BR rules into
the Core Rules for D&D. I am assuming that everyone reading this is aware of
what was being discussed at least to the smallest degree.

Now then, I don't really think that inserting BR into the Core Rules would
be the death of Cerilia. Why? Well, for one, we are still developing it.
That's all that is really needed. For two, Rich Baker still has an interest
in it, and given the chance, he will develop it.

How do I know that? I talked with him today. My schedule at Gen Con got
messed up, so I missed the Once and Future Worlds (and can only hope for a
report on that from one of the others who managed to make that meeting. I am
majorly bummed about missing it) meeting.

When I spotted Rich at the WOTC castle, I came up and asked him some
questions. Mostly about what we could do as a group to get BR back in
production in some format. The following is a hash of what he said. I wasn't
interviewing him and don't have a tape, so I am going on memory, any
mistakes apologized for.

1. Rich would still like to see the world devleoped. In fact, he has a novel
for it he'd love WOTC to buy and print. :) Can't blame him there, that's how
he makes his living.

2. Rich said he'd like to see some of the things already under production
when the line went down put out in at least electronic format on a pay to
download basis. This would get us the Book of Regency, and perhaps allow for
the production time and costs to be put into finishing the other products
(SW modules, etc.). An electronic sale would allow TSR to not have to pay
for the printing, and not have to convince store owners to stock the dead
line. Instead, the people who want it could just pay for it and get it. It
would make a nice alternative to print material.

3. He also said that he thought a limited run for BR that would update it to
the 3rd Edition Rules (coming next year) and bringing some events into play
for Cerilia was appealing to him. Not a full run, or bring back; just an
updated and clairified rulebook (like the Ravenloft one) and a bit of
campaign/source material to put out and sell on a short run.

These things tell me that there IS a future for BR. It's main designer still
has a place in his heart for the world, and that's the most important thing.
Plus, he has a few viable ideas for how it could be produced without
burdening the company incredibly.

So now the question I had for him was: What can we do to get it done?

He said that he could bark up the TSR/WOTC command chain all he wanted and
only have a certain extent of influence. He's not a consumer, he's a
designer so his angle wouldn't necessairly be taken as a sure sign of sales
by the higher ups. I was impressed that he said this to me as it's a
realistic and non dreamy answer. He's just another employee and the people
who make the final decisions need more than that.

His suggestion for what could be more was us. He referenced the
organization, dedication, and activity of the Greyhawk fans as a BIG factor
in bringing it back. They made it plain and clear that there was a sizeable
audience for GH material, so it was brought back.

We need to keep this in mind with our activities. The
pages will be a wonderful focal point for all of this and a good way to stay
rallied. The work being done there is great. I'm hoping to see it officially
open sometime soon. ;)

Another thing he said would have a positive reaction would be regular emails
to the *BRAND MANAGERS* asking for more product to buy. These guys are the
people who make the decision on what products are made, these guys are the
people who need to know we want to spend some $$ for BR product. Sending
mail to Rich, Ed, and Carrie, (or anyone else) won't really help. They might
love the support (and we should give it), but they can't make the final say
so on what gets printed.

This being noted, I'm going to try to dig up the email and names of the
Brand Managers over the next day or two, and start a mailing campaign. I'll
share their names with the list of course. I'm thinking that a bi monthly
reminder of how much $$ I have to spend on games, and how there was nothing
for me to buy will help. The letter should not be rude or angry, it should
be polite, persistent, and constant. The Brand Managers just need to know
that we are there and hungry for product. They need to know this often
without us getting more than mildly annoying. ;)

That's all I have. Any omissions, additions, and misrepresentations of Mr.
Baker's comments are my fault alone and done without intent. I'm running on
low sleep, looooooow sleep.

All in all Gen Con was really cool. Looking forward to the 00 Con.

Looking forward to the ideas of the others who went, and those of you on the
list who could not make it.

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