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>God, I hope the Book of Regency, comes out...as a generic kingdom builder
>suppliment for the next age in AD&D.

Didn't Colin or Ed say that the Birthright line was going to be moved under
the Core rules last year when they 'killed' the line? I can certainly see
most of the domain stuff being fit in as a supplement to the DMG. Or as an
appendix on Characters playing kings, et. al. If they do that then it would
only take a little bit of work to release the campaign world again. They
could really push the line at the same time if Birthright was the first
world they release material for. Call it "Showing how a domain level
campaign world would look like".

I would also like to point out that neither Ed Stark, Rich Baker, Colin
McComb or Carrie Bebris is listed as being involved in the project. Last
time I checked Ed was in charge of the Core rules. Given the fact that none
of the major people involved with Birthright are listed in the release (In
fact isn't Skip Williams one of the major people working on misbegotton
realms?) it could be that we birthright players may be left out in the cold.

Anybody else's thoughts?

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