Well folks, it has happened.

As we have all talked about over the past few years, the move to Computer
Moderated, Multi-player RPG's is now at hand. Well - in the pipe at

WotC and Bioforge have announced at Gencon the forthcoming Neverwinter

Cut to the chase - 3D 3/4 top down multiplayer game. Not massively
multiplayer - but potentially persistent. Module design in the hands of the
DM (and the community). The DM can take part in combat and control the
monsters, assume the role of NPC's etc..

Real time voice technology to be added in to the game - presumably a la Next
Gen Roger Wilco.

Now I know this is not the be all and end all - and there will *still* be
face to face gaming for decades. But not only the action, but now the
*interaction* and the
direction of RPG's is *decidedly* online.

Check it out:



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