That's a good plan. But here's how were gonna do it...

Hello everyone!!
A few weeks ago i made my own online RPG. So far i only have a few members,
i am loooking for more. Some of you may already know about the way these are
played. If you are not write back to me and i will tell you more about it.
The game is called Raynor, it has a fantasy/futuristic setting. It is still
new but i think it is going to be very good. (last night i subscribed to 13
newsletters (like this one) to promote my wonderfull site, this morning i
had 94 messages waiting to be read!!) if you are interested in this game
please go to . If you have any questions about
it go to the chat room for Raynor, i am there almost all the time (the
battle arena is the chat room). if there is any rule on advertising in this
list, please let me know. my nicknames are listed at the bottom of this
page, under the signature.

You think we got a problem? I don't think we got a problem.

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