Santa Fe de Bogotá, agosto 4 de 1999

Birthright List

Dear sirs,

I want to know two little things:

First where can I get some material about the continent of Djapar (¿?) the
land of the basarjis/kinashis ? If someone have an URL or archive to send
me I will appreciate.

Second: where I can get pictures relationated with the Birthright world,
for example the images from the box or the expansions ?

Also, I have a third question, I'm runing the Labirynth of Madness in the
Campaign Setting of Birthright, and it was very difficult adapted the story
to this world; have had anyone of you played this adventure in Cerilia, I
will like to exchange concepts.

Another question, I'm desesperated with the wizard of my party and his
"stone skin" spell, if you know about this spell, you will understand my
position, do you have some ideas to help ??

Thanks a lot!

Jorge Arango
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