>Hi Michael. Good to hear from you.


>This is the way I've always assumed it to go, as well. Any >regent with
sway over the populace of the region can attempt to >bid RP's for or against
any action that he or she knows about >and cares enough about.
>One thing I've thought about was making the "bidding war" that ensues into
more of a "sealed bids" kind of silent auction.

Ewew, I like that idea (moans of horror in background from the players...;)

And what happened to #3?

oops.. Like I said: "Dyletics of the world, untie!" :\

>This is an important concept: the two numbers, province level >and source
level add up to a number that REMAINS ETERNALLY >CONSTANT.

Ahh, NOW I understand! Thanks much. Now to see if i can find this rule in
the book somewhere... Wish me luck

>Get all of the territory sets--they're the best of the lot. >Beyond that
the King of the Giantdowns and the Legends of the >Hero-Kings are the best
of the adventure books. Avoid all of the >other adventures (well, some like
Sword and Crown) as they >require much too much adaptation to be useful in
>all but the most high-level adventures, and BR is really at it's >strength
at lower levels. Beyond that, the Players Secrets books >are WAY optional
(and probably not too useful unless it happens >to be the realm you're
playing in), but the PS book of >Tuarhievel and Baruk-Azik have some pretty
good background and >flavors to the cultures of the elves and dwarves,
respectively, >of Cerilia. Most important, however, are the Books of
Magecraft >and Priestcraft. Beyond the region boxes (or booklet in the case
>of the Heartless Wastes), the Craftbooks should be highest on >your list.

Well, thanks for the information... Of these, I know I can get the
Priestcraft book, but the Magecraft book will take some digging... As for
Tuarhievel & Baruk-Azuk, I'll get them, tho I'll have to decide what I want
to use - there was so little on them I used what I could, and created the
rest out of whole cloth (same goes to some extent the deties in the game -
mostly I switched names around, because I have one player who knows more
than I do of Cerilia's background... he played in another game before this
Modification? Hummm... Well, I've noticed that most people out there arn't
big fans of the adventures for the most part; to the bottom of the list they
go (what, do I need *more* ideas? My players don't think so, don't ask me
why... I have three boxed sets now, in addition to the Birthright box; I'm
glad to know at least a little of what to look for now. Craftbooks? Duh,

>Yeah, an old lament on this list. We were all hoping that the >wrinkles and
rules-confusion in the RB would be ironed out in >the much anticipated but
regretfully cancelled Birthright >Rerelease.

OK, I complained about it once, I shan't complain again, so as not to bore
you all with my irritated growls.

I wanna thank everybody for all of your replies (yeah, I know, I've only
replied to one of you; sorry), I really enjoyed reading them. Oh, and yeah,
I've seen a few web sites, including the Birthright netbook, one of my
players pointed it out to me on our second game session (which is very cool;
and as none of them have looked too much at it, it's even better -
especially when the mages want to recearch new spells.:)

Anyhow, I've got a couple of other thoughts I'll throw out and see what
- -On the Whole Cloth idea. How _diffrent_ is people's campaigns from the
standard rules? For example: I extensively use the Player's Options rules,
the origional foe the deties fought was'nt Azrai, but a clutholian nightmare
from "outside" (OK, so I've read a little too much Lovecraft), there are a
lot more races out there than what seems to be for a "normal" Birthright
game (one player is playing a Gnome regent, his character's father... Well,
I should stop there, the player might be reading this), and the Elvish
society is probaly the largest change I made (aligning them on a
nature/elemental sort of line - ie. elemental magics used by the ruling
elite, and druidic types).
The Dwarves are just paranoid and avoid everyone, no big change there.
What changes have you done out there to your campaigns you'd want to share?
When do you think the changes someone makes to a game melieu cause it to no
longer be of that melieu (when a game ceases to be Birthright and becomes
something of the GM's own world)? This good or bad, do you think?
- - The Other contenent: Aduria. Does anybody know if there's any published
material on this - ie. maps? Has anyone used the place, or have people
stuck to Cerilia? I noticed the Netbook talks about Aduria extensively...
- - Power. How powerful is the average campaign? No, I don't mean magic
items, spells, etc; how powerful are your players? I ask this because the
comment about "Birthright is best at the low levels" got me thinking. Me,
I've never had problems with the power level of a game, so long as the
players (and myself, of course) are having fun; on the other hand, being the
underdog can be exciting (one regent rules pratically on the border of some
terrortory the Gorgon's recently obtained; he's now in this cat-and-mouse
game with him, as the Gorgon toys with him, confident in his power... he he.
It's certainly created some great role-playing sessions)!
Anyway, thanks all for your input. See you later!

Vancouver B.C., CANADA
"If being reasonable means giving up on your dreams, I could be *very*