I've got six players adventuring in central and southern Anuire, none of them
regents and one player playing by e-mail (lives in a different state). One PC
has as of last session become a regent, and will be playing her domain turns
separate from the main party. This player has rolled up another character so
that she can keep adventuring with the main group.

As to types of adventures, doing the domain turn paperwork has given rise to
a number of adventure possibilities and basically I let things happen around
the PC's dependant on what they do, and information pass to them dependant on
who and what they ask. Using several dungeon magazines, a folder of NPC's and
the occasional published adventure (heavily edited for use in BR), I can
usually keep the PC's busy.
Recently, I picked up 'The Shattered Circle' by Bruce Cordell, expecting to
do some heavy editing out of magic items and non-BR monsters, but very little
was needed to make this suitable for a BR adventure situated either near a
Shadow World entrance, or near the Spiderfell. It's designed for low level
characters but very experienced players.
I rather unsubtley dropped the PC's into this 2 sessions ago, it started
effecting the e-mail regent last turn. If anyone wants I'll give more detail
of the conversion, but on a different thread as I wouldn't want to spoil
suprises for any of my players or anyone else already playing in the module on
this list.

On that, does anyone want to share their conversions of published modules?


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>Most of you have stated that you mostly do adventures vs Domain turns....
>well I'm curious how many of you have Regents in your groups or just
>have adventurers
>playing in the Birthright backdrop?
>and what type of adventures have you GM lately?
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