>4. Does anyone out there have an idea what kind of ratio of Province
>development vs. Source (loss) should be? Example: A rule action that raises a
>province 3/4 to a 4/4... What happens to the source? Does it go down one?
>When should it do so? (since it mentions Elf regents can ignore this
>problem, I know it applies to others.) Also, I still am uncertain - is it
>possible to raise the level of a Source? if so, how?
I think it mentions in the rules somewhere that a province has a maximum
starting total rating. I think it's in the 'design a realm' section. Hence
the 3/4 province has a total rating of 7, if it were completely depopulated and
enough time passed (or various other methods per old list discussions) then the
province could become a 0/7. Ruling the province up from a 3/4 would make it a
4/3. I think from memory (and this is the way I play it), that once the
province reaches it's full developed potential (7/0 in this case) it can go on
to 10/0, but can never be developed back the other way.

>5. I know I'll hear from this one: What boxed sets/province player's kits(?)
>would you out there suggest? The Good, the Bad, and the just plain Ugly, as
>it were... I currently have the main boxed set, the sea rules, the book of
>the Anguishen(ugh, excuse spelling, dyletics of the world untie), and the
>northlands boxed set. What do people think of those?
Get all you can, they're hard enough to get hold of now. It's all good, with
the exception of one or two of the modules ('Warlock of the Stonecrowns' comes
to mind), which manage to put an adventure in the BR world and give it a FR
feel :~(
In addition, download the BR netbook and check out the other BR websites (&
www.birthright.net if it's running)

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