Just for clarification:

Any regent with a holding (not just similar holdings) can influence
another's action if they have a holding within the same province, according
to the rule you mentioned. When it comes to the rule action, regents with
similar holdings can influence the success number with the level of their
holding... this is the only action where this happens, as it is the only
action where this is mentioned.

Hope this helps,

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> I always though that the only regents allowed to oppose or support an
> action were regents with a similar holding or the province ruler. Then I
> read the rules on page 48 of the rulebook:
> "Other regents who may be affected by the action may spend RP to
> increase or decrease the acting regent's chance of success. A regent who
> wishes to affect the roll must either rule the province or have a
> holding there."
> There is nothing about only regents with similar holdings being the only
> ones able to do it. This because one could argue that everybody is
> affected by an enemy wizard trying to gain sources or a temple who
> actively preaches against a certain guild.
> Should I ignore this when it specificly stated that only similar
> holdings can oppose it (create and rule)? While anybody could oppose
> espionage, diplomacy and build action?

Taking the create are rule actions as an example, when the rules say only
regents with a similar holding can oppose/support the action, they
specifically mean that only those regents (with a similar holding) can apply
their holding level as a bonus or penalty to the action check. But any
regent with a holding(s) in the province can bid RP to support or oppose the
action. So, a regent with similar holdings can both apply his holding
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