Okay People I want to share with you the modifications I ahve made to the Province
Loyalty system in my campaign..they are very little but I would like some input...

Domain Loyalty:

Loyalty is cataloged into 6 levels:

0. Anarchy: The province doesn’t generate Taxes, doesn’t add to the Regent’s
Domain Power, GB and Regency costs are doubled and after the first turn it turns
into Anarchy reduce the province levels by one every turn.

1. Rebellious: Same as the Rules book.
2. Poor: Same as the Rules book.
3. Average: Same as the Rules book.
4. High: Same as the Rules book.
5. Fanatic: GB and Regency costs of all actions in the Province is reduced by 1
(to a minimum of 1)
At the end of the Domain Turn the Regent adjusts the Loyalty of the Province as

- -1 for severe taxes (-2 after if being kept at severe taxation for more than 1
domain turn)
+1 for no taxes collected
- -1 if levies were mustered
Special for ignored random events
+/- 1 for successful agitate action
+1 if adjacent Province has Fanatic Loyalty (cumulative)
+1 to all provinces if the regents wins a major battle against a traditional foe
(+2 if the regent leads the battle himself)
- -1 for province under occupation.

Law Holdings Modifier

+2 if the regents controls all Law holdings in the province
+1 if the Regent controls >=1/2 the Law holdings in the Province
- -1 if the Regents controls < ½ the Law holdings in the Province (severe Taxation
causes double the penalties to loyalty and moderate causes -1)
- -1 if enemies at least control a level 1 Law holding in the Province.

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