Hello birthright, Adam Theo here. (7/27/1999, 2:13 PM)

this is a forwarded bounced email from sindre. a admin note: don't use
'help' as the subject of a post, since the list seems to interpret
that as a admin command. :)

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I need some help to the reviews section. First of all we need some sort of
icon(s) to visualize the score. We will use a 6 "star" system where you get
ranks from commoner to tainted (bloodline), minor, major, great, and
finally true. So someone has to draw this icons either by hand (and then
scanned) or completely on computer. They should be given us by the artist
himself, or at least be free to use so we don't get any copyright problems
later on. There are several ideas we can use...

The first is one simple icon (sword, crown, both or something similar) that
will be listed as many times as the score requires, just as a star would be

The second idea we got is 6 different icons, like a sword, a scepter, a
pitchfork etc. where they will have a specific order and you use only one
of the icons.

And the third idea is a man/knight/thingy :) which has varying degrees of
aura, either through different colors or increasing size of this aura.
If someone wants to make small icons after another idea that is of course
also fine. Just send what you got to my private email cobos@saers.com or
my ICQ: 12483411 but please do not answer this to the list.

Sindre, coordinator of Birthright.net

PS: We also would like a third reviewer...

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