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From: James Ruhland
Date: Thursday, July 22, 1999 11:46 AM
>. . .if every year. Even one of the more philosophically "peaceful" nations
>of the era went only a handful of years (6 or 4 or something
>like that, I forget off the top of my head) without a military campaign on
>at least one frontier.

Which is an argument that somewhere in Anuire (or Rjurik, or Brectuer, &c)
there is a war.

Perhaps a better model, would be to take a particular person, like William
Marshal, Philippe le Bon of Burgundy, or what have you, and ask how often
they campaigned. After all, we are playing PC's, not Imperial frontiers.
Such a guide will be most usefull to measure how active a PC might be. Of
course BR PC's might very well ingage in fewer wars (no great king to summon
them against other great kings) but more D&D style adventures, and wars
against humanoids.

Biography is a wonderful source of ideas for adding depth to a PC, and
suggesting ideas for realm actions beyond the usual. It also suggests a lot
of interesting free actions.

Kenneth Gauck

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