> Being someone who has actually made a BR scale map of France, I can say
> authoritativly, that there are a few small Overlordships in France (on
> scale of Diemed), most are larger, and the largest are easily twice the
> of Avanil.
Well, that depends on how far down in scale you go (duchies only? counties
and margravates? baronies? Viscounties?) The "Barony of Roesone" is rather
large compared to any Viscounty or (IRL French) Barony.
> Who is the Prince of Avanil married to? Who is his mother? For me,
> answers tell me more about who his allies are than most other things.
> are his siblings married to? A blood line like Avanil's is not
> by marriages to minor blood lines.
In fact, the Boerunes would likely say it is maintained through inbreading.
. .
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