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From: James Ruhland
Date: Wednesday, July 21, 1999 12:45 PM
>Most of the time France was broken down into semi- (or de facto) autonimous
>dominions many of which would make Diemed look big by comparision,

Being someone who has actually made a BR scale map of France, I can say
authoritativly, that there are a few small Overlordships in France (on the
scale of Diemed), most are larger, and the largest are easily twice the size
of Avanil. The more familiar names of Britany, Normandy, Flanders,
Aquitaime, Burgundy, Provence, are absolutly huge (approaching 20 provinces)
by Cerilian standards, and when we look the family connections of houses
like Burgundy and Dreux, we see large power blocs.

> [...] nor were they as comprehensively extensive as they tend to be in BR
>games (usuall arangements were "we'll help each other if so and so
>a specific lord, not the NATO-Like formulation "an attack on one of us is
>attack on all of us" with any agressor activating The Alliance).

What is often lacking IMO, is the history of interconnectedness that existed
historically. If historical overlords A, B, and C could agree about D,
invariably when it came to E, one was almost a sworn enemy, one was an
in-law, and one considered him to far away to worry about. So if D was
confronted he would back down and await re-alignment when E, or some other
magnate, caught the attention of his neighbors.

Who is the Prince of Avanil married to? Who is his mother? For me, these
answers tell me more about who his allies are than most other things. Who
are his siblings married to? A blood line like Avanil's is not maintained
by marriages to minor blood lines.

Kenneth Gauck

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