On 7/21/99 Stephen White wrote:

>Can anyone tell me where the "official" information is on The Lost?

>I've tried the Rulebooks and the BoM but can't find it.

Apart from the description of the Viper's Eye in the BoP(pp. 121-122), the
only "official" information on the Lost I know of is the Raven's realm entry
in TotHW, which briefly mentions his status as one of the Lost(pg. 40). The
Raven's Blood Enemies entry goes into a bit more detail with a few mentions of
his life before Deismaar(p. 66-68). The brief write-up of the the
proto-awnshegh The Dread(LotHK, pp. 52-53) might be worth looking at, but he's
never explicity described as one of the Lost, so it's not required reading.
(Just slightly off topic, though, I've heard lately that the cover art for
Blood Enemies is actually the unused cover art from the venerable Greyhawk
tome "Ivid the Undying". Can anyone on the list confirm this?)

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