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First of all, I don't think it was really wise to come with examples of
games that are currently still running! Not to mention that you are
either referring to DM's that are now not in the game anymore or are
placing the situation in the wrong light. Besides, I know that I and the
involved DM were rather angry at the whole affair, because none of us
were informed on the preperations. Preperations that would have been
sensed by PC's with holdings in Rohrmarch. I agree though, that the
involved DM should not have vented that anger on you.

Well, the part that I was referring to was the Anuire part of the game. And
it is in no way reflective of the Brechtur part of the game at all. That is
why I stated that I did not intend to slam in any way the game at all... It
was merely for illustrative purposes.
The only individual that would have been able to "sense" the forging of
aforementioned ley line was already informed... by me.... As a matter of
fact, I asked the player of the Sayer of Coullabhie if he would ley link me
to his sources or invest them to me for a short period of time. That player
was fully, and I mean fully informed of the situation. Just because the
information did not come from the DM does not mean it isn't there. But, I
digress. Like I stated, I thought the game was a good one. It had it's
moments. As a matter of fact, I was at one time considering joining up as a
different domain than the Sielwode. And I may request this in the future.
Who knows. I have no lingering ill feelings to those that are currently
still around. Yourself included. Please don't take personal offense at
what I am saying... I am merely using my own personal experiences as a frame
of reference.

You should add that I wanted to lessen the power of Sielwolde a bit,
because 90% of your borders suddenly became non-active because of
dissapearing DM's. I simply lack the time to keep those borders active
and forcing you to split your time between Anuire and Brechtur.

Not particular referring to anybody, but sometimes players complain
about a thing, without taking into concideration that they don't know
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