First of all, I don't think it was really wise to come with examples of
games that are currently still running! Not to mention that you are
either referring to DM's that are now not in the game anymore or are
placing the situation in the wrong light. Besides, I know that I and the
involved DM were rather angry at the whole affair, because none of us
were informed on the preperations. Preperations that would have been
sensed by PC's with holdings in Rohrmarch. I agree though, that the
involved DM should not have vented that anger on you.

You should add that I wanted to lessen the power of Sielwolde a bit,
because 90% of your borders suddenly became non-active because of
dissapearing DM's. I simply lack the time to keep those borders active
and forcing you to split your time between Anuire and Brechtur.

Not particular referring to anybody, but sometimes players complain
about a thing, without taking into concideration that they don't know
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