I have read just about everyone's comments on this subject and have decided
to make some of my own. I did not quote anyone and respond as I do not think
it's necessary.

As a DM of several campaigns, I find that I must be the most flexible. I don
not plan my PC's lives out but instead provide guidance to them.

They are the story line. I simply provide the setting in which they play. I
allow my players to develop their characters into the heroes or villians
they want. Most of my adventures are from the "hip" and a lot of ad libbing
is involved. My characters can become who they want. This has ranged from a
God, Dragon Rider, King, Guild Master, Pirate Lord. Some have made artifacts
from scratch and others have come close to destroying the world as they know
it. Some were just simple heroes to a small town or village some have died
along the way. I simply fleshed out the road they were traveling. Added a
tree here, a goblin there, a dungeon around the corner... You get the point.
My players have enjoyed this and that's what keeps them coming back. They
enjoy the challenges I give them on the way to their ultimate goal.

This still requires a lot of work on my part. I must have some things
planned out ahead of time. Such as villains, and enemies, traps, random
encounters, and the occasional bar room brawl. Rules are very important in
this gaming style this stops most arguments and allows for the real fun of
role playing. In one campaign I would not allow characters to play
psionicists, Some Domains/Provinces were off limits, etc.

The ultimate goal is for everyone to have fun. Anyway those are my thoughts.

- -Michael a.k.a "Caramus Lightsand"

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