The key to good dming is backgrounds. Background, Background, Background. If
you don't have backgrounds then your NPCs,Settings, etc all seem cookie
cutterish. Wow, its wierd how this town seems almost the same as the last...
and the one before... etc.

That is somewhere BR comes in flat. Sure, you have some background, but not
enough. All you have is a sweeping background, and a little tidbits here and
there. Really, the player secrets were a step in the right direction, but
there should have been more in the main book.

There should have been more on the feel of the land, so that if you don't
want to play a regent and like the area, you know what is what. There is not
enough of that in BR. Information Overload, basically. A lot on some areas
and things that are somewhat important, but have absolutly no berring on
adventureing in the land.There is not enough on people and places who are not
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