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From: James Ruhland
Date: Monday, July 19, 1999 5:12 PM
>The same could be said of blanket statements like the one I was countering
>(that it's the DM's role to provide PCs with their goals, motivations, and
>then guide them by the nose, while the player's role is, I assume, to
>provide the empty vessel into which the DM pours).

This is hardly what Gary was advocating. In the same way no one has accused
your style (as presented) as being a series of random encounters diced from
tables (a DM I knew actually ran games like this).

Players should always have the option to act freely, but in some cases there
should be consequences, and some of these should be severe. IMO cause and
effect is an interesting part of gaming. Random encounters are not.

Kenneth Gauck

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