> Because I have a strong idea of what is going on in the world, I can make
> fair estimation of what the proper consequence is for every action.
I can see that you and I are actually in agreement, then, for the most
part: being able to, as DM, respond to unforseen events (player reactions
etc) is not the same, as some would like you to believe, as being
unknowlegable or unprepaired (far from it - the better your conception of
NPCs, their motivations, and what is going on, the better prepaired you are
to take things in stride - if you have a good idea of what kind of people
the NPCs are, then you intuitively know how they'd likely react. Thus
you're better able to deal with free-wheeling PC activities).
> were on stage. I just hate the idea that every other realm takes no
> actions, all their loyalties are "neutral".
Notice that isn't what I argued in my initial "Sanity Clause" post (where I
expicitly said that NPCs should have their own goals etc. I didn't anywhere
suggest, again as some would - distortively - have you believe that "they
should be wax figures awaiting PC stimuli." But my main argument is neither
should the PCs be wax figures waiting for the DM to provide them with
hooks, lines, and sinkers {motivations, goals, etc.}.) I think it's just as
important for the DM to be kept on his (or her) toes and ready for the
unexpected as it is for the DM to keep the players on theirs. . .
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