Okay folks. I'm looking for the best rules for mass combat. Whether its a
modified version of the skirmish rules, the *gag* option rules, or using the
AD&D2nd Ed Battle System. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU USE!!!
I'm trying to find the best (doesn't need to be the easiest or quickest) way
of having battles with figures on a table or just the war cards with
modified rules. I refuse to use the warcards or options so i'm looking for
something else. I'm also looking for a way to use this same system online.
Some ideas are cooking in my brain but I want the best. I also thought of
Warhammer Fantasy Battles and modifying the Spell System to fit the BR
campaign. But I want this to be something orginal. Sorry I haven't tried
some of the rules on the netbook but I suppose you might want to suggest
them. Also if your players for the pbem games or table games are on the
list, then I would encourage them to voice their opinions also.
We need to have a decent battle system available to use with BR when they
start to publish it AGAIN. With any luck they will.

Thanks for your time

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