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From: Memnoch
Date: Monday, July 19, 1999 5:52 PM
Subject: RE: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Their is no "Sanity Clause": DMing in Birthright

>James, you remember that "hive mind" comment you made earlier? Well, I
>say, this is the longest screed where I have actually agreed with you.
>Personally, It is my pet peeve to play in a "Storyline" type DM game...
>Especially those who actively stifle innovative thinkers... Those that plot
>and plan their fellow neighbors demise or plot a way for them to destroy
>themselves. At least after about 3 years of gaming PBEMs, I know who to

DM's should not plot the elevation or demise of their PC's with storylines,
they should develope external events which will be obstacles for their
players. Players must always have their own success or failure in their
hands. The game world should not be an automated wax museum whereby when
the players enter a room the automotons all speak and move about according
to a script and then stay silent when the players move away. Stuff happens
elsewhere, and sometimes this stuff impacts the players.

Kenneth Gauck

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