> You are...
> *L* NO just kidding, it depends too much on the players individual tastes
> and the Dm's individual tastes, to make a blanket statement like you have
> made.
The same could be said of blanket statements like the one I was countering
(that it's the DM's role to provide PCs with their goals, motivations, and
then guide them by the nose, while the player's role is, I assume, to
provide the empty vessel into which the DM pours). But I don't know if you
objected to that blanket statement or not.

> Well what are the sort of Adventures most of you take your players in?
> Dungeon Crawls? Sieges and Battlegrounds?
> Haunted Ruins?
Here I was mainly talking about Birthright and specifically PBeM versions
of that. However, as to what sort of Adventures I "take" my players into,
it would be all of the above and more. Plus whatever interests them. I
"cut" my D&D "teeth" in the early '80s in a campaign that was very
free-form - it often (though not invariably) consisted not of "tonights
adventure," but in the PCs going where the players wanted, doing what the
players wanted, accepting or declining "missions"/oportunities they were
presented based on their own decision at the time. They/we (we traded off
DMing tasks) might wander the countryside, enter into a dungeon, hang
around town, or whatever. Only occassionally were there "Adventures"
scripted in advance that the players were presented with by the DM. Other
than that, maximal choice of activities, of goals, motivations, and the
like, was given to the players - not held in the DM's hands and doled out
from him. This style of play by necessity made each of us (since we all, or
almost all of us, shared DMing duities in a near round-robin fashion) know
the rules *very* well (better than I can claim to know them now, actually),
know our monsters, and be able to create dungeons, encounters, etc "on the
fly" with minimal delay. It was a blast.
This is still my prefered method, both as a player and as a DM. Let them
choose. In the end, all the types of activities you can think of will be
what they end up doing.
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