> IMO, BR games are better when dozens of people, rather than one or two
>overworked people, are busy comming up with schemes and plots which won't
>be slapped down because they don't fit within the proscribed "Story Arc"
>that someone has decided will govern the game. But that's just my opinion.
>I could be wrong

You are...
*L* NO just kidding, it depends too much on the players individual tastes
and the Dm's individual tastes, to make a blanket statement like you have
made. Everyone is different and have the right to game as they see fit, most
my games has me presenting Challenges (as the DM) to the Players and leaving
it to them to resolve them,I have PNC's to influence that, add other ideas
some of which are red herrings etc.....It's up to the players to decide how
to approach an event, however I don't currently run "Realm" based games. The
players are simple "adventurers" trying to reclaim one of the PC's uncles
Keep/Steading (they are Rjurik the Keep was originally Brechtur) but its up
to them to become "leaders" etc.....
In other words I don't hand a rulership to a pc and say go at it I make them
earn it that is my "style" of play....
Each person/group has a right to any style of play that suits them none is
any better or worse except in the context of an individual group.

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