Hello GeeMan, SCO Adam Theo here. (Monday, July 19, 1999, 1:23 AM)
On 7/19/1999, GeeMan wrote in '[BIRTHRIGHT] - realism vs fantasy'.
This is my Reply:

> Ah, the voice of reason.... :-)
> Nah, pretty much I agree with you, Adam. In fact, I think most of the
> "disagreement" in the preceding messages stems from an off-topic kind of ego
> trip thing of which I am very much as guilty as anyone else. I'll subject
> myself to ritual purification this week to atone for my high-handedness. (I
> was kind of planning to anyway....)
> Gary

*laughing* *chuckling* *choking* *coughing*
ah... another message from the voice of reason: never try to laugh
while eating boned chicken....
anyway, yep, just an ego thing :) oh, well. nothing to be ashamed
of. we are all guilty of it, i'm sure :)

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