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another bounced email from James Ruhland
hey, james, it is telling me that you're email address you are sending
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> PBEM. How many, at one time or another, have felt the urge to "crush the
> heretics", yet did not do that, knowing that you'd be accused of
> "religious intolerance" or "racism"?
"Bad PR" (and the tangible response/reaction that results from it) is often
a reason for deciding not to do something. Of course, after the first
couple of times I've learned to "play that game" as well (long live Niele,
the new Pennydown) - why should others be allowed to get away with things
that I can't? Of course, I actually don't find it much fun. But again: if
no one is going to let me get away with Pillaging the heck out of Djafra,
then why should I let them get away with shenannegans elsewhere? It's a
vicious cycle; but I never unilaterally disarm, I have a strong policy of
not tying one hand behind my back, or allowing someone else to tie my hand
behind my back (analogy was Mirrors of Mental Prowess and how they were
used in one game: I was willing to live without the "advantage" they had in
that game {in effect a free, unlimited Transport spell}, but only if others
were likewise disarmed. Which eventually happened, but not until after the
game was very much distorted by their presence and earlier use).
> >
> I'm not trying to enforce my gaming style on anyone. I'm just speaking
> my opinion.
Oh, you've forgotten though: to some folks, if you express a view at
varience with their own (and the one they want everyone else to follow),
then it is *you* (but never then) who is "forcing your views on others"
(even though, by trying to browbeat you into silence with such tactics, it
is they who are trying to enforce one perspective, theirs. . .)
> So, in the name of "running the adventure you as the DM had in mind",
> you would punish a player who had his own goals for his domain? Why do
> you need the players at all?
Well, I've seen that happen. Well, not DMs so much "punishing" but
"actively thwarting" players who's goals do not fit in with the "plot" the
DM as "Storyteller" is trying to develop.

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