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> > Anyone else have simular thoughts?
> I agree. There are often several things happening in PBEMs that I think
> are decidedly unmedieval. I will address them below.
Of course, I wholeheartedly agree and spout off as follows:

> 1.Alliances.
I've grown weary of alliances. In one game, I was part of (a
"subordinate"/"semi-Vassal") a major alliance (all under the banner of Diem
greatness, which meant for the most part people - presumably - defered to
the Duke as if he were the liege. Not really though. A certain regent, who
shall remain nameless, was the "power beside the throne"). In another, I
was senior member of an alliance. . .but that was mainly because it was an
expedient way to get several nearby realms under my imperial(istic) thumb
without the hassle they would have objected to (they wouldn't have agreed
to straightforward vassalage, so I hegemonized them instead). In a current
game, I'm spurning all alliances or offers of alliance, and looking for
vassals. I know I won't get any, because of how players play, but I'm not
changing my policy (I already know in this game that whatever goals I might
have are all unachievable, so this isn't as disapointing as you might
think. As for my realm being a vassal, why would I agree to subordinate one
of the region's great powers to my petty neighbors, who are more in need of
succor and protection than I? That would be like the King of England
bending knee to the Duke of Flanders).

> 2.People accusing each other of racism/religious intolerance.
This one's the worst. After all, in Cerilia "everyone knows" (or should
know) that Half-Elves are just breeds with tainted bloods, humans are
coniving, bloodthursty invaders, halflings are refugees who couldn't
survive in their own realm and now want to snatch a piece of ours (ditto re
humans, natch), Dwarves are greedy halfers who skulk around in caverns
because they fear that the light of day will expose their underhanded
double-dealing; and the less said about elves the better - pointy-eared,
haughty hypocrites - who thought nothing of conducting wars of
extermination in alliance with humans when it worked to their advantage,
but now whine incessently because the shoe got put on the other foot, and,
instead of them dominating all (as they desired), the "useful tools"
(humans) ended up in charge. Tough luck. Get over it, point-ear. Next time
I'm going to name my realm "Talisantia" and have done with it.
And as for orogs, gnolls and goblins, well no need to discuss them in
civilized company. They do make nice ballista fodder, though.

> 3.War.
War is a useful tool. Of course, calling *others* bloodthursty warmongers
is also a useful tool (especially given the fact that so many people abhore
war worse than they do, for example, assassination or subversion. Playing
on their preconceptions about what is and isn't acceptable behavior is what
the art of diplomacy is all about).

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