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ah, yes, that was the best BR game i've ever played in. heh, i
remember that game well. starting the game as Arien Borthein, with a
bloodline of 14, for a total of 10 turns or something like that. then
i had the bright idea of resigning him and using Shannon Boeruine who
had been my lieuie for all those 10 turns, who had a much nicer BL.
geez, all those years struggling with regency when it didn't even
occur to me to use Shannon and resign Arien. *sigh* must have had a
mental illness.
hmm... i remember your character, Muaadeeb. Queen of the Sielwode,
offered to make a clone of Shannon with some spell :) heh. sorry i
turned that down.... well, maybe not. i felt a bit... apprehensive
about having a clone of myself running around. who knows what you
could have done with that thing to ruin my life and domain :)
but that was fun, running the Boeruine People's Guild. stretching
myself so thin that all it would have taken was a small tap to have my
domain crumble to nothing :)
hey, Ian, thanks for running that game, even if it did fall through.
a great piece of work. i wish you all the best so that you may be able
to do something like that again. i really liked your style of DMing.

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