Too bad you didn't act earlier... It would have been fun to see the "mighty
Basarji Federation" self-destruct... Now, that would have been cool....

The Elves in that game were a bit more united, although Rhuannach never did
join the Sidhelein Empire...


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Yeah I remember the Basarj federation in that game : )
I was a member "under secret protest" my land had been devastated by Ariya's
invasion as had my army. Next thing I know there was this big power bloc
all around me (Ariya, Binsada -hmmm seems familiar somehow..... ah Solmyr's
current game) asking me to join with a thinly veied threat that if I did not
would be classed as one of the "Threats" they planned to eliminate and,
would be first on their list. Not being silly, I joined.
The subsequent war with Aftane was a lot of fun - I managed to keep my
and ships out of the fighting for the entire war - using them as 2nd line
Garrisoning Troops in the few cases where they had to actually leave
Zikala -
where they were held as an "Emergency Relief Column" that never saw action.
I loved reading about all the Binsadans and Ariyans killed in the fighting
whilst my people were nice and safe. Hell, once when it looked like my
would get involved I warded the province they were in so they couldn't and
blamed Bedoureg.
If the game hadn't ended when it did, there would have been a violent
dissolution to that Federation when I turned on my "Allies" and gave them

Camruth of the Empty Hand

Memnoch wrote:

> Well, I don't consider darkstar's PBEM one of the ones in which I declared
> war in. I was Caelcorwynn, and I supported Isaelie's war, which was
> basically a war of attrition. Although I did declare war once in that
> (under Dragon3125), I was prevented from my objective by the DM allowing
> Basarji Federation to change their actions and redo basically what
> to their entire turn. James Ruhland can attest to this little fact. Had
> the game been played by the rules (i.e. initiative), I would have been
> successful at that point as well. At least, everything was looking up at
> that point.
> Memnoch
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