>1) Has anyone thought of a non-blooded variant of the rules system?

I had thought up an outline for a system that didn't have anything to do
with divine right, but was for non-blooded rulers. It had "bloodline"
points, which were calculated by taking the average of the Prime
Requisite(s) and the Charisma of the ruler. The ruler's level was then
added to this.

e.g. A Level 5 Fighter King with Strength 14 and Charisma 12 would have a
"bloodline" score of (14+12)/2 + 5 = 18.

Perhaps to add in a type of Divine Right, the number of generations that the
ruler's family has ruled a particular place could be added to this score.

Though it does have the problem that the average Hill Giant would have a
decent "bloodline" score. :-)


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