> climatic battle to end the war. Now, my question is this. As the swordhawk
> occupies all of the provinces of the former realm known as Treucht, and as
> the Swordhawk has no churches within his domain, nor allied to him, how
> he invest his ill-gotten gains?

He invests by forcing a priest to do the ritual. If none happen to be
around - he need only wait a few weeks...as there will be a few dozen
accompanying the Royal Marines of Muden shortly. And if the Captain refuses
to break her pledge? I suspect there will be no need in Muden for a blooded
Captain any longer as she will have been replaced by the Count and the
Guilders as they use this traitorous opportunity to string her bony ass over
the nearest fire for roasting.

The Swordhawk is no match for Muden. It is not even REMOTELY a fair fight.



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