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> Now, my question is this. As the swordhawk
> occupies all of the provinces of the former realm known as Treucht, and as
> the Swordhawk has no churches within his domain, nor allied to him, how
> he invest his ill-gotten gains?
> For that matter, how does the Gorgon do this as well? The Hand of
> temple does not have any blooded priests.

Swordhawk must find a priest regent who is willing to perform the proper
investiture ceremony. If the local priest regent(s) are unwilling, an
outside priest may bargain for holdings to gain his services. Jaison Rainech
of Osoerde is a good example. He let the One True Church of Vosgaard move in
and establish a holding in his capital province in exchange for performing
the divestiture he needed to forcibly take control of the realm. Respectable
churches, such as the local Church of Storm's Height, would willingly want no
part of such disreputable undertakings.
You have raised an interesting question about the Gorgon. Perhaps that is
why he rules Mur Kilad and Markazor as vassals instead of investing those
realms outright, because he is unwilling to ally himself with a blooded
priest regent. For the same reason, this is why his armies periodically
smash through and invade Anuirean realms, wreaking havoc and destruction but
then he retreats back to the Gorgon's Crown without investing any of the
those provinces he so easily conquered. Perhaps this unwillingness to trust
a true priest regent on the part of the Gorgon, for whatever reason, is
really the only main reason Anuire does not belong to the Gorgon?To unsubscribe from this list send mail to
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