An interesting occurance has come to pass in my Brechtür campaign
recently, and I would like to ask your opinion on the matter. I ran 'Poor
Relations' from the 'Legends of the Hero Kings' book, with the
Swordhawk/Massenmarch (which is being run as Nazi Germany) holding the
nephew of Müden's alderman for the murder of two tavern-girls. The players
(the Captain of the Müden Royal Fleet, the high druid of Old Father of
Forests, and a half-elven bard) went to Massenmarch in an attempt to free
said nephew.
It all went down hill from there. The high druid was arrested for the
murder of a tavern keeper, the half-elf was caught playing with the
figurines in the Swordhawk's war-room, and the Captain -- to rescue her
companions and the Alderman's nephew -- signed a treaty giving the Swordhawk
10 GB, two cogs, and swearing off assistance for Treucht should he decide to
The next month he did, and smashed all resistance. He has killed the
regent, her nobles, and even managed to take out the Golden Light in a
climatic battle to end the war. Now, my question is this. As the swordhawk
occupies all of the provinces of the former realm known as Treucht, and as
the Swordhawk has no churches within his domain, nor allied to him, how does
he invest his ill-gotten gains?
For that matter, how does the Gorgon do this as well? The Hand of Azrai
temple does not have any blooded priests.

Alexander "the Rjurik Necromancer"

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